Don’t just take our word for it, read testimonials from happy parents…

“CPCC is an amazing centre!  Our daughter has been attending CPCC for close to a year now and absolutely loves it!  All the educators are professionally trained, warm and welcoming, and it is obvious they love what they do.  The centre has excellent outdoor play facilities and the staff work hard to ensure the children are entertained with different activities everyday.  CPCC is an inclusive centre that supports diversity and the children are exposed through planned activities to other cultures and ways of life.

Whilst the centre does not provide food, this has been a blessing in disguise!  Our daughter has food allergies and being able to pack her food gives us peace of mind.  It has also meant that we have been able to shape our daughter’s relationship with food by ensuring she has healthy and wholesome meals everyday.  The centre sends any uneaten food back home which has allowed us to understand what exactly our daughter is eating.  This can be extremely helpful for picky eaters!

We can 100% recommend CPCC.  “

— Sharm, April 2021

“My boys are so happy at Central Park Childcare!
Central Park Childcare is an exceptionally run not-for-profit childcare. One of the most extraordinary features of the Centre is it runs as one mixed-aged grouping, truly reflecting village life and the family experience; I believe this mixed-aged community can be so good for child development in the earliest years of life as it’s so reflective of the mixed ages of children our children see out in the everyday! From an early age, it was lovely to be able to see my kids confidently playing well with older and younger kids in the playground, at family gatherings and parties. The mixed aged grouping also allows my two boys see one another throughout the day; they can choose to play together as well as have the chance to engage with other kids in their respective age groups.
My two boys were adored by the older kids as babies (an extraordinary learning experience for all – closely supervised by staff well experienced in mixed-age settings).  My eldest child, now also the oldest child attending the centre, takes great pride in helping out and volunteering to help with basic tasks.
In terms of kinder and school readiness, a fantastic part of the Central Park Childcare experience was getting my kids’ used to taking a packed lunch to the centre from day one of being away from home. I love that I know what exactly my kids are having for lunch. All the nutritional decisions for my kids on a childcare day have been made by me, in our kitchen (with love). As everything my kids do not eat is packed back into the lunchbox and sent home I am also keenly aware of how much of what I prepare is being eaten (and we can adjust accordingly).  
As a small Childcare, everyone knows your child and your children can bond with a group of very committed and experienced teachers. The majority of the staff who first met my eldest child as a baby in 2015 are still looking after him five years later!  Both of my children feel safe, happy and confident going to childcare; it is because of this connection and continuity with many of the same teachers throughout their early years that my boys are able to feel so settled and content.
The Centre is a lovingly repurposed house with some history and charm! After years of playing with wonderful teachers and their friends, it has truly become our family’s home away from home.”

— Clare, May 2021


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