Frequently asked questions

1. Do you currently have vacancies?
Yes, we have a small number of vacancies. Please contact us to find out more.

2. Is there a minimum number of days my child can attend? 
No, depending on current vacancies, we accept children for as little as one day a week.

3. Do you supply nappies?
No. In our experience, this minimises overall costs to parents and ensures your child wears the brand you prefer.

4. Do you supply food?
No, all of our children have their lunches packed by their parents. We believe this is good for a number of reasons:
• Children don’t go hungry as parents tend to know what their child likes to eat and can see from what comes home how much they’ve eaten that day.
• Allergies and personal preferences are better catered for.
• It helps to prepare our older children for kindergarten and school.
• Overall, it ensures that parents can still access leading educational facilities at an affordable rate.

5. How do you manage with feeding babies?
We work in with your child’s routine! We ask you to supply all milk, formula and food and we ensure babies are fed at the times you’d prefer. High chairs are provided.

6. Do you have facilities for sleeping and rest?
Yes! We have a sleep room with cots and mattresses for younger children. We take your lead as a parent and ensure all children who are still sleeping during the day have the same routine as what they would have at home. Older children are encouraged to rest or have quiet time in the afternoon to recharge.

7. Do I have to pay for public holidays?
If a public holiday falls on the day your child would normally be in care, we’ll charge you your usual fee. This is because we still incur costs as a centre. Parents are not required to pay for the two week Christmas closure.

8. Do you offer occasional care?
Yes! We have a limited number of vacancies. It’s best if you contact us to find out more.

9. Do you offer a separate kindergarten program?
No, however, our lead educator is a degree-qualified kindergarten teacher who creates a program for our older children which incorporates similar activities. We have a large group of children this age who attend Central Park in conjunction with another kindergarten.

10. Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, there is no fee to join this. If you would like to put your child’s name on our list for a place at the centre in the future, please just contact us.