Our centre and program

We are a small, home-like centre that cares for up to 25 children aged between six months and five years. All children spend the day together in the same group. We firmly believe that multi-age childcare settings are beneficial in many ways, these include:

  • Younger children observe and imitate a wider range of skills
  • Older children can practise and master skills such as leadership, turn-taking, safety awareness and responsibility
  • Children develop strong relationships with people of different ages
  • Siblings can spend the day with each other.

Our program is multi-dimensional and includes:

  • Sensory arts and craft
  • Reading and music activities
  • Cultural awareness and celebrations
  • All-weather play areas including a marquee, shaded playground, sandpit, water play and cubby house
  • Environmental activities with a vegetable garden cared for by the children
  • Caring for our resident pets (fish and guinea pigs)
  • A focus on healthy eating with fruit picnics for morning tea
  • Recognition of each child’s birthday
  • Local community participation – we are regularly joined by older people from a local retirement home.