Recent activity: Getting ready for Christmas

Today we wrote letters, drew pictures and posted them in our letterbox for Santa! Each child made their own paper wreath and contributed to the build and decoration of our Christmas box tree. We sang along to lots of Christmas carols, prepared healthy icy pole treats for our party next week and gave our guinea pigs hair cuts.

Recent activity: The rainbow project

One of our educators, Raj, decided it would be nice for the children to work on a group project creating a rainbow out of colourful crepe paper. First, she drew an outline of a rainbow on a large piece of paper and then the children discussed and decided how many colours they needed and in which order they should go. Then they took coloured crepe paper and scrunched them up into smaller balls that they could easily glue on. We put the rainbow outline up on the fence in the garden so everyone could have a turn throughout the day and glue on their favourite colour. What a beautiful rainbow we made!